Wednesday, January 2, 2013

"I Never Thought That This Day Would Come"

December 31, 2012

Here I am, for the last time, writing a letter to my family with a tag on my collar. I will miss this feeling of being a missionary and serving the Lord full time. Times have been hard but the moment I was able to see those people enter into those waters has made the hard times more than worth it. This past week has been interesting. Lots of random lessons here and there and preparing the area for the transfer. After 2 years of having sisters, President Neider is taking the sisters out of the area and putting in Elders. I am quickly remembering from Elko how hard it is to Double Transfer out.  So thankful that I get to learn from my companions great lessons, and also things that I DONT want in a spouse heehee. Im so naughty. 

Every transfer I have this pit in my stomach and this just feels like a normal transfer to me but into a new chapter of my life. Plus I get to be with my family!!!!! Im so excited to see you all and kiss you wittle cheeks!!!! I love you all so much and I am so thankful for this opportunity to serve a mission. I love myself now, I rely on the Lord more, and I see things more clearly. Also I see how important it is to do missionary work whether you are a member or a missionary. It is a team effort. Also I have made a goal. This week we went to the temple for the departing missionaries temple trip and I covenanted with God that I was going to go to often.  The temple is there to teach us and keep us on the strait and narrow. I hope that my future husband loves the temple because that is a goal I want to make with him. It will be a great blessing for me, my marriage and my family I will have. I might not be able to serve another full time mission for a while, but I can set aside a few hours to the Lord to do some work. :] 

Today we went to the Hoover Dam with a member and it was awesome! I am sending you some pictures of it! When you see the big bridge behind me in one of them...then look at the picture with the penny....when I was holding the penny I was at the top and middle of that bridge throwing a penny down to make a wish. It was amazing. Also this week we had the privilege of building a fence for a member. Can you see me working with power tools?!?! SOOOOOOOOO FUN! Daddy put me to work outside when I get home! hahaha.....thats in case I can actually stand the cold weather in washington. I am a baby when it even gets to 50 here. OH MAN..............
Last sunday on my mission I got to sing and also present a 5th sunday lesson for the combined was great! Well I have millions of things to do so I better go but happy new year!!!! 

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  1. hi sister Fine, we miss you so much.Th kidies are getting so big,and matty is everywhere. wishing you a happy new years and a safe return home.. we will never ever forget you.keep in touch through facebook:) love ya jenni& eddie and kidies